Life of a Double Major

Suffice to say, being a double major can be tough. The course load of one major is already heavy––imagine the course load of two. No matter the stress, the panic, and the heaviness a second major brings, it is definitely rewarding at the end. So for all you double majors out there, keep pushing! Two degrees is as big of an accomplishment as it sounds.


Source. College.

When I took my general education classes in my earlier years, a lower division Political Science class, American Politics 10, sparked my interest. As an English major, I wasn’t sure if I could handle taking on a whole new degree. I mean, delving in a different  major, understanding the ins and outs, and exploring everything it has to offer? Twice can be overwhelming. But if you start to love something just as much…why not? UCR always taught me to strive for as much as I can––therefore, I did.


Source. Two degrees? Even better!

The life of a double major consists of more than the extra course load and time that it takes to complete it. There is a strategy to planning way, way ahead of time what upper divisions classes to take and knowing what quarter they’re offered to be able to graduate on time. There is also that mastery of what’s been engrained in our heads as freshmen: time management. Learning about a whole new secondary discipline can take a lot out of you. Therefore, every second of your day counts. It’s easy to put half your effort into a second major, but it takes discipline to prioritize and give both majors your absolute best attention.

Have another major you might want to explore? Inquire about it with your advisor. Always strive for more, Highlanders!


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