Recap: Graduation 2012

I did it!

Exactly one month ago today was one of the happiest days of my life. The reason? It was the day I officially graduated from UCR, class of 2012!!! It is definitely a bittersweet feeling. I’ve wanted to be done for so long, and yet I’m sad that it has finally come to an end. UCR has been a great experience and I’m happy I attended this university.


One of my friends asked me, “Now that you’ve graduated, what can you say was your downfall and what was your highlight of college?” I responded by saying that even though I passed all my classes, my downfall was knowing that I could have done so much better in some of my courses. However, my highlight of college would be all the connections that I’ve made - not just friends, but also professional contacts and some who I even consider to be mentors.

The connections I’ve made over the past 4 years have shaped who I am today. Networking and building relationships with people is the best strategy for anyone to make the most out of their college experience.

I truly recommend taking advantage of everything that UCR has to offer. Be active and be a part of everything that interests you, whether it’s an organization, an internship, or a program by the Career Center. I’ve been a part of all that and I am grateful that I did because I gained valuable experience, especially through my internship and ORBITS (a program through the Career Center). Don’t be afraid to tackle anything that interests you because, by graduation day, you will be satisfied with all that you’ve accomplished and learned from UCR.

My support system throughout these 4 years, my parents!

Now that I’m done, “real” life is finally here. Though it’s a bit scary, I’m ready for another challenge: to prosper in my career. I’m ready to tackle something new, and UCR has prepared me for what’s ahead in my life.


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