Student Life In Vibrant Color: UCRevolution

We created this blog for a reason, to cover important events in our city, county, and more importantly - our campus. Last week, as the UC Regents met on our campus to discuss another 3.5% increase in tuition, our student body, other UC students, and members of the “Occupy Movement” joined together to express their growing agony and dissatisfaction with the system. UCR is known to be a typically passive and relaxed school. However, the UC Regents experienced otherwise.

I was able to capture all of the photos below before I was to attend my classes for the day. I’m happy to say that I saw nothing but peaceful protests. The one time a non-UCR student attempted to inflict damage on a car, the rest of the protestors yelled at him and reminded him that the protest was to remain peaceful. Of course every student, observer, news crew, and staff member will have their own opinion in regards to the protest, but in my eyes, it was nothing less than beautiful. It’s heart warming to see people uniting for a cause and working together to let their voices be heard.


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