Goodwin’s: An Unsuspected Surprise

 A few weeks ago, a fellow blog writer, Tina, suggested that I cover Goodwin’s Organic Food and Drinks as a story seeing as it is right down the street from UCR. My boyfriend and I arrived at Goodwin’s and were greeted by the scent of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. We explored the store for a while and then came upon a restaurant in the back of the store (they also have a food truck and an area where they can make you fresh organic drinks).


Unsure of what to get, we got a little bit of everything for the both of us. We had the walnut pilaf, ratatouille, and steamed vegetables, which smelled as good as they tasted.  The walnut pilaf was delicious because not only did it taste like walnuts, but it actually had chunks of walnuts in it.  The ratatouille was a big hit for my boyfriend as well as myself. I might have to say that it was the best serving of ratatouille I’ve ever had. Its flavor popped and danced around in my mouth! Not only was it flavorful but extremely healthy as well. The ratatouille is jam-packed with a variety of vegetables that are high in nutrients. It’s no wonder that dieters pick ratatouille as their dish of choice. If you’re trying to lose your freshman 15 and still want to eat with flavors, this is the thing to eat! The steamed vegetables were delicious as well and tasted very fresh and crisp.

There were two major things that impressed me besides the divine taste of the food. The first thing was that they make ALL their food and drinks with organic food. Their signs even say that they do not skip out on the organic aspect of what they serve. The second thing I found impressive was the price. My boyfriend and I each had our own plate of food and it came out to about ten dollars for the both of us which was amazing considering the fact that I was expecting to pay about fifteen dollars more.

Overall, I was completely impressed by Goodwin’s because I honestly did not expect it to be the cat’s pajamas. My boyfriend, also impressed, deemed it “Trader Joe’s cooler cousin”.  That means a lot coming from a man who is apathetically unimpressed by almost everything.  We will definitely be going back to Goodwin’s soon and who knows… I might even buy a student membership. I believe it would be well worth it.


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