Surviving Fall Quarter: Preparing for Class

Surviving Fall Quarter is a new series on Life at UCR, providing you with tips and tricks to master this new experience, or brush up for the upcoming year!

tartan epidemic

Transitioning from a 16-week semester system in high school or at community college to a 10-week quarter here at UCR can feel a little overwhelming. Classes start on time and pummel you with information until the very last minute, creating a different learning environment tan you might be used to. But fear not, Highlanders. We have some success tips to ensure that you don’t fall behind or get distracted!

Bring Water

hydration station

Source. Hydration stations are located around campus, providing free filtered water.

You might not be used to the difference in class length at the college level yet, so make sure to bring water and quiet snacks for those three hour lectures. Even the average hour and a half lectures might be a bit long, so invest in a good water bottle and always eat something before entering the lecture hall. It’s hard to concentrate on an empty stomach. The last thing you want is to have your stomach answer a question for the whole class to hear. We’ve all been through that struggle.

More essentials after the break!

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#followmetoUCR: Instagram Contest!


We’re all social media addicts, and now there’s finally a chance to put your Instagramming skills to use and become a winner!

We want to see how you’re preparing for UCR, whether it be your fully packed car, a selfie of your new UCR T-shirt outside your house, or your new keys. Here are the nitty-gritty rules:

  • You must be an incoming student (freshman or transfer) for fall 2014
  • You should be wearing blue, gold, or UCR gear
  • Must include #FollowMetoUCR and tag the Life at UCR account (@lifeatucr), AND be following @LifeatUCR
  • Must include their hometown and/or home country

So get creative! The contest runs today, Sept 15, through Friday, September 26th at 4 pm. We will announce the winner on Monday, September 29th.

We can’t wait to see your journey to UCR and invite everyone to #FollowMetoUCR!

- Delaynie

When does financial aid get distributed/sent to students to pay for the quarter? Is it different between incoming freshman and the others? Because I am confused on what is due on September 15th and I have no idea when it supposed to come in.

Tuition is due September 15th, which includes all the charges on your billing statement on Growl. The FinAid site says this: “You should accept your awards on Growl and submit your loan promissory notes at least two weeks prior to the date that fees are due in order to allow for processing in time to meet the fee payment deadline.” If you haven’t gotten your aid yet and are worried, you can always call them at 951-827-3878.

I would like to know like what school supplies to buy. Say I have 3 lecture classes and they each have a discussion class. Do I buy a 1 subject notebook for each class or a 3 subject notebook and split it between the lecture classes?

That’s based on personal preference. I like having one larger notebook with dividers, but any organizational method that works for you is fine!

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Surviving Fall Quarter: Life in the Res Halls

Hey everyone! I’d like to introduce our new writer, Raven! She’s starting her Life at UCR posts off with an awesome new series, “Surviving Fall Quarter”. Keep an eye out for a new installment next Tuesday!

tartan epidemic

You’re living on campus at UCR your first year. Congrats! I stayed in A&I as a first year (D2West Stand Up!) and loved every minute of it. Of course, there were things I wish I would have known before hand to help me out, but I got through it and so will you!

I have plenty of first quarter dorm hacks to share. It’s easier when a friend goes through it first and can spill all the details for you!

Attend Every Event



Attending all the res hall events allows you to get the best bang for your buck. RHA (the Residence Hall Association) hosts everything from crafts and ice cream parties to Highlander gear giveaways and open mic nights. They even allot a budget to each specific hall to spend on activities of your choosing. So go! Get that free ice cream and make those refrigerator magnets, because that stuff’s not cheap! You’re paying for all of these activities and treats one way or another, so you might as well enjoy them.

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Inside the Highlander Hype: Fall Sports Preview



Regardless of your personality, the fall season holds something exciting in store for you. Whether it be the glorious return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte (even if we have to drink it on ice here in Riverside), back to school shopping, or the return of NFL games, you can find something in September to get pumped about. If football isn’t your style, but you still love sports, first of all: find me and let’s be friends. I can’t stand football, but virtually every other sport can endlessly hold my interest. Luckily for us, UCR has 17 Division I sports teams, and tons of action this fall. Here are some things to look forward to:




After this year’s World Cup, we can carry over momentum to UCR men’s and women’s soccer. Both our teams have impressive statistics behind them, and games can get really rowdy. Make sure you brush up on your Highlander chants before heading out, and be ready to rush the field if we win! The schedules are available here and here.

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If instruction begins Oct. 2, does that mean that that’s the first day we go to class?

Yes it does!

If we dont sign up for direct deposit, does the refund check get mailed to the mailboxes in our dorms?

If you make your residence hall address your permanent address, then yes. However, I really wouldn’t suggest this because transferring your permanent addresses is a pain. 

Are we allowed to have christmas lights in our dorms?

Yes! Get as festive as you like.

Oodles of answers after the break!

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Are we allowed to stay on campus during some part of winter vacation? Because I’m only planning on coming home for Christmas, but after that I don’t think I have another place to go.

From the Housing brochure: “The Residence Halls close completely for Winter Break. All residents must vacate, but they may leave their belongings in their room.” Time to stay with a friend, sorry!

Are there RAs for Glen Mor? And do they like live in the same floor/hall like in the dorms?

There are RAs in Glen Mor, but I believe there are fewer of them. You also have an RA on-duty like in the residence halls. 

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Link Lovin’: Move-in Day

Hey there friends, happy Taco Tuesday! While I was answering the inbox questions (which is definitely my favorite part of this gig), I noticed a ton of questions about move-in day. Understandable, since, ya know, you’re moving into the res halls or your new apartment in two months. Before diving into fresh new articles, I wanted to compile a master list of all the move-in posts we’ve already made. There’s nothing I love more than a good ol’ fashioned blog stalking, and I’m hoping some of you will find this helpful. 


Source. You know it’s a staged room when the beds are made.

Here is a floorplan of Aberdeen-Inverness. I’m making a Lothian post soon, don’t despair! Also, while the shape of the rooms vary, they have the same amenities and furniture. Except that I’m required to profess that Lothian is better because I lived there. So there.

Here are some photos of Pentland Hills, the suite style residence hall.

Here are all the floorplans mingling together in a festive collage:

UCR dorm room

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any available job in SUBWAY in main campus

Hey! UCR students can look for both on-campus and off-campus jobs on ScotJobs, which you can access wtih your NetID. The link is on this page.

Speaking of jobs, Life at UCR is currently hiring for writers! It’s an unpaid internship where you submit articles to me (sassy photo captions optional) and collaborate with the team to improve the blog. Check it out on ScotJobs! Okay, shameless plug over.

since highlander orientation limits the amount of classes you can take, when can you add more classes?

Second pass enrollment is September 3rd-12th, and you can view your appointment time on Growl September 2nd . More questions after the break!

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Five First-Year Fears (and Solving Them)

1. Do I really have to share a bathroom with everyone? How does showering work? Is it dirty?


Source. Spoiler: this isn’t UCR, but you get the gist.

This majorly creeped me out before move-in day. What I figured out within my first month at Lothian holds true for many areas in life: it’s only weird if you make it weird.

  • Don’t wear your satin lingerie or only your underwear into the bathroom. You’ll be living with your roommate, and hallmates, for the entire year, so set good habits as a group early on.
  • Figure out when the showers are the least busy and change your routine to shower then to avoid being late. I switched to showering late at night instead of before my 9 am class, because my hall bathroom was complete chaos at that time.
  • Don’t be messy or leave anything outside your locker.  The bathrooms are cleaned every day, so it’s only dirty if someone is  McNasty in there. Do buy some flip flops, though. Even if it’s clean, you still don’t want to be slipping around or spreading athlete’s foot.

The bathroom is seriously not a big deal, I promise. Friday nights are actually fun, when everyone is crowded into the bathroom curling their hair and taking mirror pics (hey, those were cool when I was a freshman, okay?)

More fears after the break!

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