Broke College Students Rejoice: Win Free Stuff

Source. Norm the Navel looks as if he just won a free iPad. Or saw a Tropicana ad, either one.

Raffles, radio call-ins, you name it: I live for contests. The prospect of winning anything, whether it be a poster of a band I don’t even listen to or something legitimately cool, really excites me. That’s why I faithfully complete the surveys sent out via R’Mail, and this time, you can win an iPad! Take the University of California Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES), and share your thoughts to help UCR improve its undergraduate programs and services for you. You can share your rants, your raves, and anything in between. All answers are confidential. If you complete the survey by August 1, you’re entered in to win the free iPad! You can also win daily prizes, like reusable water bottles, lanyards (every first year’s necessity), and prize packs. Click here to take the survey. Just saying, if you win, I think you owe me at least one iPad selfie.

Anonymous said: do you know of any cheap storage places near campus that maybe offer student discounts. I need to a place to store all my stuff since I won't be in rside for summer

Hi there! I haven’t personally used any storage facilities in Riverside. I did a quick Googling, and found that this place, as well as this place, offer student discounts.

If we meet someone at orientation, around July, can we ask for them as dorm mates? Or is it too late?

Roommate requests are on a first-come, first-serve basis, but Housing will give you a presentation at orientation and will let you know at that time if you can still request a roommate. Check out other Housing Faq’s here.

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Spotlight: Serving the Community with Beta Phi Delta

Source. Members of Beta Phi Delta work together to repaint the C.

Joining a fraternity was the last thing on my mind when I entered college freshman year. Why, you ask? Mainly because of the perceived stereotypes of college fraternities. It’s interesting how the media loves to hype up the negative aspects of college and fraternity life without showing the positive.

I’ve been a part of Beta Phi Delta for about three years. I joined during the fall quarter of my sophomore year and it might honestly be one of the best decisions I ever made in college. Beta Phi Delta basically blew all of my prejudices out of the window. When I entered my sophomore year of college, I was trying to look for ways to give back to my community. My friend invited me out to rush week, and told me that she was a part of community service fraternity. I didn’t even realize those kinds of fraternities existed.

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9 Things to Do Before You Leave UCR


Source. Courtesy of the Life at UCR Instagram!

As I was packing for my trip to Washington, D.C., I stumbled upon my acceptance letter to UC Riverside. The letter I had received four years ago was still perfectly intact inside an envelope, with statistics and photographs of a school I hadn’t known much about. Although I graduated college in four years, I technically only spent three of those years studying at UCR. Between studying abroad and taking part in the UCDC internship program, I took advantage of all UC Riverside had to offer in making my undergraduate experience memorable.

While I don’t for a moment regret all the programs I took part in, I do recognize that occasionally separating myself from UCR put a strain on my friendships and altered my connection to the Riverside community. Spending my final quarter as an undergrad across the country has been bittersweet. While my time in D.C. has set me apart from so many soon-to-be graduates, it also meant missing out on major milestones, such as attending the grad fair, struggling through one last finals week and enjoying the last few weeks with my college friends.

As I began to pack up my workspace and apartment here in Washington, D.C., I got to thinking about all the things I would be doing if I was back at UC Riverside. Maybe it’s because my hometown is hundreds of miles from campus, meaning I most likely won’t be returning, but my senioritis has worn off and all I feel like doing is reliving my favorite moments at the school that gave me more than I ever could have imagined. If you’re a graduating senior or just feeling really nostalgic, check a couple things off this list — and be a proud Highlander.

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Anonymous said: i was wait listed to ucr and got denied, what are the chances of me getting in if i send in an appeal? when would i find out? and is my final transcript considered new information?

You would need new information that did not appear in your original application, and you’d find out two to four weeks after you submit the appeal. You can read a little more about the appeal process by clicking here; while your final transcript isn’t considered new and compelling information, an explanation about some factors contributing to any lapses in your application, like medical emergencies, would be considered.


Anonymous said: Hi I'm an incoming transfer, once the final transcript is turned in what happens after its received

It’ll be processed and its receipt will be reflected on your MyUCR account. It takes about two to four weeks to process transcripts, and you can check on the status of any other necessary documents on MyUCR.

More answers below, and a message from me!

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Revisit: Finals Survival Guide


I meet with a few fellow students each week to talk about writing, and to workshop our latest pieces. We usually meet in one of the study rooms in Rivera because it’s most convenient, and I can usually just reserve a room same-day online. Today, though, I went to reserve a spot and found that almost all of them were full, with bold black bars blocking out the names of entire rooms. I was momentarily surprised, and then I remembered:


We’re at the beginning of the end, which means that Red Bull and Rockstar are seeing sharp increases in sales at UCR, and every Starbucks within five miles is being swarmed by dead-eyed students seeking venti-orange-mocha-caramel-frappuccinos. What do you do? Where do you go? Oh, the humanity! Don’t worry, gentle Highlanders. We’ve got you covered. Click the links below for some of our favorite articles about finals — full of places to go, things to do and ways to keep your mind from spontaneously combusting.

Places to Go:

- A Survival Guide

- 5 Peaceful On-Campus Spots

- Open Hours

- Study Spots on Campus

Places to Eat:

- Late-Night Eats

- Surviving Finals Week: Food

- Coffee Places During Finals Week


- 5 Ways to Rock Your Finals

- Got Finals?

- Tips for an Effective Study Time

Good luck out there!

- Rebecca

The Home Stretch


The end of spring quarter is always tough because it’s hard to stay focused and motivated when the sun kisses your skin. Even I have trouble staying on top of the seemingly endless amounts of reading and problem sets. Believe me, I’ve played hooky more times than I’d like to admit this quarter. I don’t know if it’s early onset senioritis or what, but I’ve been needing a lot of inspiration to get my head in the game.

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8 UCR Life Hacks to Make Your Life Easier


It has come to my attention that you can spend all four or five years here at UCR and still not know all the things that our own campus has to offer. Not sure if you are missing out on something important? Check out my 8 UCR life hacks below and see how your life as a student just got better.  

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Anonymous said: when does the fall term begin??

Instruction begins the final week of September. I believe the university officially opens for fall Sept. 29, but instruction doesn’t begin until Oct. 2.

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